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Highest Rents Across the USA

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Via Business Insider

Families around the US are paying different prices for rent in each state. Here's what the average American family of four spends on rent in every state -

The highest median rent for a family in the US is in Hawaii, Washington DC, California, and New Jersey, according to the American Community Survey.

The lowest median rent for families is in landlocked states, like South Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa.

Across the US, there are families who choose to rent a home instead of buying. Just like how the average salary changes state-by-state, the average amount each family pays in rent per month varies regionally.

Business Insider's data team examined the latest American Community Survey from 2017 to find the median rent in each state for a typical American family.

The highest median rent in the US is in Hawaii with $1,507 per month, but Washington D.C. isn't too far behind with a median rent of $1,424. On the other hand, the lowest median rent in the country is in South Dakota with $696 per month.

From Florida to Alaska, here is the median rent across all 50 North American states:

The data also shows that the five highest median rents in the nation are all coastal states, which include Hawaii, California, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Meanwhile, the lowest median rents are land-locked states, which include South Dakota, Arkansas, Kentucky, Montana, and Missouri.

Another study shows that for the places with the highest rents — California and Washington D.C. — a family needs to make six figures to afford their monthly rent payments.

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