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  • Can I qualify for a Physician's loan if I didn't get approved for a regular loan?
    Physician loans are different than your average loan, similar to how doctors are different than your average scientist. The loans we can offer, have special qualifications & criteria. We understand how frustrating it can be to find out you didn't qualify for a loan, even after being pre-approved for it. More than just a bad day, that can cause a HUGE mess for your move. All of the realtors listed on this blog specialize with doctors. They are experienced, and recommended by your peers.
  • Why is the home loan process so complicated?
    The detailed aspects of these loan programs can make you feel overwhelmed, especially the ones with special terms that are only available to medical doctors. It doesn't need to be so complex, and you won't need to get a degree in finance to find and get the loan you need, when you have the support of Real Estate for MDs with Affinity Real Estate Team. We can offer physician mortgage loans, which are specialty home loans developed for those in the medical field. We are here to make sure that you have access to home ownership.
  • How does a loan designed specifically for medical doctors benefit me?
    You may be in the position where you are realizing that getting a loan with acceptable terms is going to be extremely difficult, especially if you are coming out of medical school with a large amount of debt. In your average home loan approval situation, any debt is counted against you and can significantly damage your buying power.. Alternatively, Physician's loans make sure that your student debts are not counted against you and protects and boosts your buying power, while additionally potentially lowering your payments.
  • Who can be considered for one of these home mortgage loans?
    Our Physician home loan mortgage program is designed to assist those who have attended school in order to become a doctor. From recent medical school graduates who are just leaving school and needing to buy their first home, to residents, fellows, new in practice and even established physicians, many medical professionals may find that they qualify for these life changing opportunities.
  • Why do I qualify, even with my enormous student debt?"
    Banks are excited to be able to offer these special loans to physicians, because they know that you are actually a desireable client; The many years that you have studied in your journey to become a medical professional, should never hold you back from being able to buy your dream home. Because they are able to consider the unique position of your situation, banks can move your loan process forward without complications, something that most other traditional loans for other applicants can not do. The dedication shown by medical schooling, along with a promising future as a high-income earner, prevents the banks from being at risk with Physician's loans.

We are here to assist.

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