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About Our Team

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Real Estate for MDs is powered by Compass RE |, a referral-based and community-oriented group of Realtors® and administrators with a proven track record of success built on an aligned purpose and strong relationships. We are solutions-driven. We start our work with our clients by making sure that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction. This relationship-based and purpose-driven foundation requires true understanding of the client’s needs, wants, and personal circumstances. As a result, at Compass RE |, we plan thoroughly, and deliver seamlessly. 

Our team understands the value of time, especially for MDs who have some of the busiest schedules and most demanding jobs. We are thankful for their sacrifices, and we have created special services to accommodate their real estate needs. Learn more by visiting our exclusive Programs, meet the members of our team below, and Book a virtual appointment to discuss your real estate needs with a member of our team. 


We are here to assist.

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